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  Jobsite Conditions for Applying Interior Finishing Materials
» 40.9 KiB - 3,020 hits - September 16, 2011
Provide recommendations for applying interior finishing materials over gypsum board surfaces (walls, partitions, and ceilings). For the purpose of this document, interior finishing materials include, but may not be limited to, corner reinforcement trim, joint compound and reinforcement tape, texture and/or architectural paint coatings.

  Jobsite System Failures Involving Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Masking Tape Over Gypsum Board Substrates
» 84.9 KiB - 2,399 hits - September 28, 2010
Pressure sensitive adhesive coated tape, such as common interior masking tape, is applied to decorated interior gypsum board substrates, and on occasion, when later removed surface damage/failure occurs within the paint/decorative finish and/or joint compound and/or gypsum board face paper.

  Joint Compound Drying Time
» 43.8 KiB - 7,052 hits - April 19, 2010
The purpose of this document is to illustrate how job environmental conditions affect the drying time of joint compounds.

  Recommended Surface Treatment For Finishing Gypsum Board To Attain A Level 5 Finish
» 50.1 KiB - 3,370 hits - March 11, 2010
The purpose of this document is to describe guidelines for determining the visual performance expectations that an acceptable surface treatment will impart to achieve a Level 5 gypsum board finish over a properly prepared Level 4 gypsum board surface.

  Recommended Specification for Preparation of Gypsum Board Surfaces Prior to Texture Application
» 37.2 KiB - 2,334 hits - September 30, 2009
The purpose of this document is to describe guidelines for preparation of gypsum board surfaces prior to texture application.

  Recommended Levels of Paint Finish over Gypsum Board
» 46.4 KiB - 8,728 hits - September 30, 2009
This document was written to clarify the requirements for attaining the desired level of paint finish over properly prepared gypsum board surfaces.

  Method for Inspecting Interior Joint Treated Gypsum Panel Surfaces
» 46.4 KiB - 7,341 hits - September 30, 2009
The purpose of this document is to provide a visual evaluation method for inspecting joint treated panel surfaces.

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