2014 Spring Meeting Agenda

Drywall Finishing Council
Spring Meeting Agenda April 1, 2014

Tentative Agenda


Monday, March 31, 2014 - Member Reception - 5:00pm – 7:00pm


Tuesday, April 1st

8:00am          Call to Order – Bob Negri

                        Attendee Introductions & Sign In

                        Antitrust Legal Limitations Statement  – Sage Knauft

                        Board of Directors Report  - Bob Negri

                        Secretary Report of Meeting Minutes – Steve Reynolds

                        Treasurer Report  – Duane Freeman

                        Old Business – All Attendees

8:30am          Standing Committee Reports and Discussion

                        Program / Education – Steve Reynolds

                        Marketing – Marty Sweeney

                        Website – Jack Walker

                        Constitution & By-Laws – Bob Negri

                        Membership – Steve Reynolds / Bob Negri

                        Technical – Bob Negri

                        Industry News – DWFC Honorary Members

10:45am        Break

11:00am        Guest Speaker –      Member Discussion

                        Topic:  O.S.H.A – Global Harmonization System (GHS) 

                                       SDS & Product Labeling

                        New Business All Attendees

                        2014 Fall Meeting (Date, Location, Sponsors)

                        Nomination & Election of Board Members

12:30pm        Break

1:30pm          Committee Meetings

                        Marketing  -  Chair, Marty Sweeney

                        Website  -  Chair, Jack Walker

                        Technical  -  Chair, Bob Negri

                        Program & Education  -  Chair, Steve Reynolds